Do you want to give yourself a break? Is it time to treat yourself to some amazing new hair spa services? Our hair spa will let you relax and take a break from your hectic life. While restoring and rejuvenating the health of your hair, you can kick back and relax and let our expert hair stylists take care of you.


Our Hair Spa offers a wide variety of services and just about everything you'd come to expect from luxurious hair care. We do specialize in two particular treatments that we'd like to offer to all of our hair spa guests. We will restore and rejuvenate the beautiful qualities of your hair and have you feeling better than you felt in years. They're also great for preparing hair for more intensive treatments or recovering from more demanding styles.


Olaplex Treatment


Olaplex treatment is a three step process that repairs and prevents damage to hair. This treatment works on a molecular level by working to repair the damage done to your hair. Every day when you style your hair, you do small amounts of damage to the strands and fibers. Over time, these small damages can add up to some serious hair care problems. Blow drying, hairspray, and hair ties all create microscopic damages to hair. This treatment can help to restore those damages.


Restoring the damage to your hair is one of the best ways to keep it healthy and vibrant for much longer. This is also a great way to recover from more damaging hair styles such as perms. Taking care of your hair and helping to restore the molecular bonds that hold it together is one of the best ways to make sure that you can have a luxurious head of hair for the rest of your life. To find out more about how this hair spa treatment can help restore your hair and keep it feeling beautiful, get in touch with our stylists today.


Keratin Smoothing


Keratin smoothing is another speciality hair spa treatment that restores and rebuilds damaged hair. This hair spa treatment works differently than the others that we offer. They both have the same effect of restoring damaged hair, but they handle it in different ways.


This treatment works by smoothing over and restoring hair on a cellular level. The way the cells that make up hair are structured can be repaired by keratin smoothing. This treatment is particularly great for dry and damaged hair. If you've been overtaxing your hair with styles that dry it out, or you’ve spent too long living in a very dry environment, keratin smoothing can help restore moisture and shine to dry and damaged hair. We recommend that you come in at regular intervals for this kind of treatment. Keratin smoothing works best when it is reapplied on a regular basis.


To find out more about keratin smoothing or other Hair Spa services reach out to us today. You can schedule a hair spa day for yourself and your friends that will restore your hair and have your hair feeling more luxurious and healthier than it’s been in years.